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What are the basic features of the hot melt adhesive laminat

The main characteristics of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine equipment are: the PUR hot melt adhesive used does not contain solvents, which is an ideal green and environmentally friendly glue. Solid reaction, irreversible, strong adhesion, good washing fastness, PUR hot-melt adhesive does not contain water and solvents, does not need to be dried, the compounding speed is fast, the viscosity is strong, the amount of glue is saved, the cost is saved, the compounding process is fully linked and controlled, the substrate No stretching, light and soft, good hand feeling, heat source is oil heat, fast heating, uniform heat, independent melting system, fast melting speed, dot mesh gluing, good air permeability of the finished product, strong three-dimensional feeling, The humanized design of the machine saves operators.

The safety precautions that need to be paid attention to in the daily operation of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine: Avoid operating the hot melt adhesive machine around volatile and explosive materials or gases. Do not store flammable and explosive materials around the spraying equipment of the hot melt adhesive machine. Use the hot melt glue machine under proper protection device, good insulator or good protection panel. When maintenance is required, only professionally trained personnel can disassemble the machine for maintenance. Do not use the surrounding environment where the temperature is lower than 0°C and the temperature is higher than 50°C. Next, hot melt adhesive laminating machine manufacturers use hot melt glue machines. When replenishing hot melt glue, it should be added before almost one third of the hot melt glue in the glue pot to avoid no hot melt in the hot melt glue pot. Adding glue when glueing will affect normal production.

Try to use it in situations where there is no fast flowing air, because when the hot melt adhesive nozzle assembly is exposed to fast circulating air, the rapid cooling will affect the hot melt adhesive flow of the nozzle assembly, and it is easy to cause wire drawing. In the hot melt adhesive laminating machine From the perspective of wide use, the consumption of hot melt adhesive is one of the benefits of our current use of it in various industries. Its advantages are many. The hot melt adhesive laminating machine is a kind of solid state that needs to be heated by the hot melt adhesive machine. The glue becomes liquid, and then the liquid glue is transported to the hot melt glue gun through the glue pipe through the pressure system of the glue melter, and the glue is applied to the surface of the object to be bonded through the hot melt glue nozzle for bonding Of an adhesive.

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