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Self-adhesive compounding machine
Sticker laminating machine
Brand:Sangdion Machinery
Producer:Jiangsu Yancheng


SD-H1800 equipment configuration list

1. Mechanical specifications: Mechanical spokes are 1800mm, production line speed: 3~30M/min.

Power requirements: three-phase 380V, air pressure source: 5KG/㎝2, 200L/min.

Second, mechanical specifications: XLL-H1800-D1029

Unwinding device 1

1. Central clamping device

2. Change the air shaft

Gluing device

1. Comma scraper

2. Platform station board

Oven device

1. 12m oven
2. Circulating wind
3. Electric heating tube
4. Overhead type
5. Dehumidification system
6. National standard channel steel frame body

Unwind device 2

1. Hydraulic unwinding device

2. Unwinding of air shaft

3. Constant tension of magnetic powder

4. Linear axis guide

5. Infrared light control

Pressing device

1. Heating roller

2. 2.2KW swing reduction motor

3. Rubber roller bonding

4. National standard channel steel frame

Winding device

1. Rewinding of air shaft

2. Rewinding with constant tension

Electronic control linkage unit

Electric control distribution box group and man-machine touch interface operation box.

Installation warranty

The one-year warranty after the completion of the delivery, installation and test run shall be under proper operation and use. If damage is caused by improper operation, a reasonable fee shall be paid.

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