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Flame laminating machine
Large flame laminating machine
Brand:Sangdion Machinery
Producer:Jiangsu Yancheng


Uses: Sponge is used to melt the surface of the sponge through flame jet combustion and then instantly bond with other textiles, non-woven products or artificial leather and other materials. The finished products are mostly used in clothing, toys, car interiors, sofa seat covers, decoration, packaging and other industries.

Automatic flame compound machine


1. It adopts advanced PLC, touch screen and servo motor control, good synchronization effect, tension-free automatic feeding control, high continuous production efficiency, and the sponge watch is used with caution and burns evenly, stably, and will not be elongated and deformed.

2. The compounding process of three layers of materials can be completed at one time through the simultaneous combustion of double burners, which is suitable for mass production. Domestic or imported fire platoons can be selected according to product requirements.

3. The composite product has the advantages of strong overall performance, good hand feeling, washing resistance and dry cleaning.

4. Special requirements can be customized on demand.

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