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Hot melt adhesive compounding machine
Hot melt glue PU oil glue two in one laminating machine
Brand:Sangdion Machinery
Producer:Jiangsu Yancheng


Application of dual-purpose laminating machine for oil glue and PUR hot melt glue:

The machine can use both solvent-based glue and solvent-free environmentally friendly PUR hot melt adhesive, which can be laminated to cloth + cloth, cloth + film and other composite materials required by the market. The composite product has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good adhesion and flexibility, resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to temperature after moisture reaction, long-lasting elasticity, wear resistance, oil resistance, and anti-aging characteristics. In addition, PUR has excellent matte performance, low precipitation and neutral color characteristics, and can be applied to medical products that require repeated disinfection. The finished product compounded with PUR hot melt adhesive compound machine has lower loss rate and higher washing fastness. The PUR hot-melt adhesive laminating machine can completely replace traditional solvent-based laminating equipment. The production process does not use flammable, explosive and toxic solvent-based glue. The factory has no safety hazards and meets the safety requirements of the national safety supervision department; it can enable first-line production workers It is far away from the harm of solvents to the body, and the composite products have no solvent residues, which fully meet the export environmental protection standards, and have great social benefits.

Technical parameters of environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive and hot glue compound machine (hot melt glue oil glue two in one compound machine):

1. Effective width: 1800 mm

2. Mechanical roller width: 2000mm

3. Design line speed: 5-45m/min

4. Mechanical dimensions (length * width * height): 1 mm

5. Heat transfer oil heating temperature: adjustable hot oil circulation 180℃ (MAX)

6. Total mechanical power: about 65KW

7. Power supply: 380V 50Hz three-phase

8. Total equipment weight: about 6500KG

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